Sunday, 4 November 2012

My Minoru Jacket is ready to wear!

I recently completed my first Minoru Jacket (a pattern by Sewaholic).  If you have read by previous post on progress with my Minoru I wasn't that taken by the fabric BUT now my jacket is finished I am in love with it.  I can already tell that it will get lots of use over the spring and autumn months or that chilly summer evening.

I can't believe how easy the pattern was and lining it was a breeze!

(Sorry not great photos, have yet to persuade me daughter to use her photography skills and help me out, so I'm limited to average photos just now).  Trust me the finished version looks much better then the photos.

I've worn it more than just a couple of times and received compliments every time.  Because of it's light colour it's already made it was back to the wash.

I love the length of the sleeves.  This is the first pattern that I haven't had to make an adjustment to the pattern to get the right lengthen for me.  It feels beautiful to wear - the only change I would make is the hip measurement, if it was just a tad narrower it would sit better, probably an inch each side would do.

I've already chosen some fabric to make my next Minoru - this one is a little brighter and will be fun to wear.  More on that later.

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