Monday, 8 July 2013

Messy BUT Cuddly Faux Fur

When I agreed to sew a fur vest for a friend, I really didn't know what I was getting into!  Shopping for the faux fur from Global Fabrics (oops The Fabric Store) was fun - given that this type of fabric hasn't ever attracted me before.  I didn't realise how much of a choice there is. 

But man is it messy!  I had fur absolutely everywhere!  

After an internet search on faux fur vest patterns I found a Kwik & Sew PDF pattern 3731.  I really like this pattern because there is a choice of neckline - either a round neckline or V neckline.   For this version the owner chose a V neck.

Oh but wait, I didn't agree to make just one .... NOOO ... two requests were placed and I couldn't resist the challenge.  Version two is the round neck.

Apart from having fur all over me, the floor, my sewing table (oh that's right it's meant to be my dining room table!) I love it because it has no closures and both options are fully lined.  I used a stretch satin as a lining - that worked out perfect with just enough give to ease onto the faux fur.  The slippery nature of the satin means that it will wear well over any garment. 

From start to finish it took me three hours per vest (not including taping the PDF pattern together).  The faux fur was actually easier to sew than I anticipated, despite the mess.  I had to use a 14/90 needle and slightly release the pressure on the feed dogs to '4' on my machine.    

The V-neck version is a long raccoon faux fur and the round-neck version a soft 'teddy bear' short faux fur.  I can't say that one was easier or better to sew than the other - the length of the further didn't seem to matter.  

So a few pics ... new owner super happy with her teddy bear fur.

Winter sewing - gotta love it!


  1. These turned out so well! I haven't sewn with fur, fake or otherwise, yet. Good to know it wasn't so terrible to work with.

    1. I was a bit worried to begin with, but once I started all was okay :)

  2. Hmm, the faux fur thing is catching apparently ;) They look cute and warm. I was so surprised at how sort and lux faux fur can feel, and (global) fabric store has some nice stuff!

    1. I'm really thinking you and Harri should have matching vests :)

    2. Well if you are going to go all out Crazy Cat Lady you may as well do it in style! ;)

  3. Ya know I've been thinking about making something like this for me. And my girls! They want pink and green and, well, very faux fur colours. LOL. Make me smile. I shall check out Kwik Sew when I get around to sewing them.

  4. I just made another one, this time one for me and my daughter to share - probably more hers but I can borrow!



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