Monday, 30 April 2018

My 'take sewing action' plans with Marfy

Kia ora! I usually don't spend a lot of time curating my sewing list, other than to have an endless number of things I want to make! Lately I've been feeling that I don't actually maximise the little amount of time I do get, spending way to much time thinking about what to sew instead of actually getting stuck in and getting some sewing done. So I thought it was about time to make a list and prioritise 😬

I sat down with my Marfy catalogs and made some decisions about what was going on the 'take sewing action' list. Here is what I came up with, that includes Marfy 3855 that I posted last week ...
Marfy 1911

Marfy 0866

Marfy 3888

Jacket Marfy 3840

I'd had my eye on Marfy 1911 for a while and had purchased this lovely silk lycra from Drapers Fabrics specifically. Then when I saw all these fabulous Roscoe tops from True Bias show up on my Instagram feed I didn't waste any time, skipped the toile/muslin stage and cut straight into my fashion fabric.

It's a loose fitting top so how much could possibly go wrong! Live on the wild side and hope for the best. I picked up the fabric on sale so if it all went belly-up what's a few bucks!

Well I absolutely love it 💖 These are headless mirror selfies, but honestly you don't wanna wait for me to get proper shots ... and you get a pretty good idea from these what a great top it is.

It was so easy to sew .. a centre front seam and two side seams! Okay the front ties were a little fiddly having to turn them right side out. The collar and the sleeves are just turned over to create a channel through which I threaded some 6mm elastic. The Marfy pattern did tell me how long the elastic need to be for the neck and sleeve hem, I didn't have to guess.

The length through the body is just perfect to wear with jeans or a skirt, either tucked in or loose. The arms are a little shorter than I imaged, but I have long arms so I'm not too surprised. Just as well I didn't put the extra line of elastic in the sleeve. I'm keen to make this one again and lengthen the sleeve so I can create that kinda ball poof with the extra row of elastic about 3" from the hem.

Next ... well none of the above actually! On my sewing table at the moment is a lace skirt that just needs the lining inserted and Butterick B5917 that I finished enough to wear last weekend, but now need to finish inserting the skirt lining.

I have made a toile/muslin for Marfy 0866 ... but it didn't grab me like I thought it would so not sure it's worth my effort.

On the other hand I have plans for Marfy 3840. It's going to form the base pattern for me to duplicate this Karl Lagerfeld Denim & Boucle Jacket.

Wish me luck!


  1. 1911 looks great! Lovely and summery. 3889 is on my to-sew list also - reckon it would be a good work work-horse. If the muslin doesn't do it for you... not much point in bothering, in my book!

    1. Thanks Mel, yeah I think 3889 will be a good match for the lace skirts I've got lined up. I've had a bit of a brainwave about 0866 and might just cut the length off and put a curved shirt-link hem on it to see if that makes it better - I do love the front placket.



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