Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Bean Bag Mission

I've deviated from my garment sewing for a short moment to fulfil a personal request.  No, not by the cat but she wasn't slow in making herself comfortable in the finished product.

My son made a plea for a bean bag for his game time - so like a good mummy I thought I'm up for that challenge!  Straight to the Internet I went looking for a pattern and without too much trouble I found what I was looking for at  Back to the Internet again to look for fabric suggestions and decided on something that wasn't mentioned at all - polar fleece.   This fabric is durable and it would create a bit of warmth as well.   There we have it - the finished product!

As always, I never get away with just making one, there has always got to be one each x 3 children.  So here is the final line-up: leopard print, lady bug and dalmatian.
I am very happy with the finished product and most definitely the selection of fabric.   But back to garment sewing now!

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