Friday, 11 January 2013

Changed to a Knitting Stitch

I've changed my sewing stitches for knitting stitches just for a moment.  In December I packed away my sewing machine, and transformed our dinning room back into a place to eat rather than my personal sewing space!

Since we have come back from Christmas holidays my husband has turned our dinning room into his temporary study so the sewing machines are still packed away.  Instead the knitting needles have been busy.  Even though it is summer I will be ready for winter when it gets here.

My knitting garment of choice - arm warmers.  My first pair was a lovely Raspberry colour yarn with a single cable, which are more wrist warmers than arm warmers.
These are knitted on two needles and the seam runs up the thumb line, with a small hole for the thumb about an inch from the finger end.  Knitted on a size 5mm needle with a double knit yarn, these are cute and snug fitting.  The second pair I decided to add four stitches to the pattern and a few more inches in length and chose a deep purple colour yarn.
I really love this pair, so promptly went back to the shop and brought more raspberry yarn to make more.  These are based on a Stitch Nation pattern, but I can never resist changing a pattern for my own personal style, so these aren't true to pattern but the finished product is just as I wanted.

I'm now half way through a third pair - this time I switched to double pointed needles (DPN) in a double knit, winter white yarn.  Here is the beginning of the right hand.... I've just completed the 4 rounds of ribbing and first cable round.
The left hand is complete with the exception of the thumb gusset - I thought I would save that part and do both hands at the same time, as I feel it will be really fiddly and best get it over and done with together.
I love this pattern because there is no sewing up afterwards (yay!) but I'm still trying to get the tension on the stitches, when I change needles, more consistent.  I'm sure practice will make perfect.  More pictures once I've completed these.

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