Saturday, 16 February 2013

A few of my favourite things

Although I have a sewing kit that has gradually grown over the years, there are a few items that I really love to have.  These are the little things that just make the sewing that wee bit more delightful, especially when you are hand sewing.  I thought I would share my current top five items.

My little embroidery scissors, which I have had for years - purchased when I went through a cross-stitch craze.  It was only in January that it dawned on me that they were sitting in the cupboard and I should reallocate them to my sewing kit!  They are truly delightful to use.

Next is my newly acquired set of embroidery needles.  After using a general, probably cheap, pack of needles that someone would buy if they didn't know any better (yep me), these John James feel like the Roles Royce of needles. 

This is my recent discovery - bees wax.  Applying this to the thread when hand sewing is amazing, especially if you then run the thread under the iron after waxing.  This not only makes the thread strong but I find it also prevents the thread from twisting terribly.  Again makes hand sewing a pleasure.

This is my funky pin cushion.  It's about 12cm wide and is the ideal size for me.  I really don't like fluffing around trying to pick the pins out of their container.  This baby is big enough to contain a decent amount of pins that are easily accessible, but not too big so it can sit to on the right hand side of my sewing machine foot, making it easy to 'pull and poke' the pins as I sew.

Lastly but by no means at the bottom of my list is my brand new Clover tracing wheel.  As you can see it is a double wheel so it can apply the seam allowance as you trace.  Whether you have to add the seam allowance or if you want to mark the sewing lines because the pattern already provides a seam allowance.  Both wheels can be removed and the distance between then either increased or decreased with seven holes into which they can be placed.

What are your top five favourite sewing things right now?  Not necessarily your 'must have' but your 'love having' items.

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