Saturday, 9 February 2013

Morphing patterns together

This was one of those projects that I began in 2012 but didn't finish until just recently.  Actually by recently I mean 3 weeks ago! It's a top that I morphed together from two patterns, and made some tweaks here and there to get exactly what I was looking for.
The base pattern is New Look 6713   The pattern provided for an a-symmetrical or cow-neck front, neither of which was what I wanted, so I took the a-symmetrical pattern piece and cut it on the fold at the centre front so both sides were the same.

On the back I didn't just want two straps which would look as if I was going to the beach instead of work, so I took a back pattern piece from another pattern and used it as a template to create the back, matching the side and shoulder seam pieces to the front piece.
On the back I inserted a zip and removed the need for elastic.  This meant I had to slightly alter the width of the pattern across the back so it wouldn't hang but would provide a snug fit.
The fabric is gorgeous, a very light weight cotton (could even be bamboo??) which I've fully lined.  It was a piece that I had in my stash - I think I originally brought it to make a dress, but then changed my mind!  I have already worn it a few times, either on it's own with a simple straight skirt (as you see in the photos) or just yesterday with black skinny pants and a jacket.
Haha! this isn't exactly the most flattering of photos but all the same is a good shot of the full front of the top.  I would probably make this pattern again as it is a versatile piece for my work wardrobe, but next time I would lower the neck line in the front and take about half an inch off from around the empire line so it has a firmer fit.

I'm interested to hear from others on their success with morphing patterns to get what you want rather than looking for a whole new pattern.


  1. Oh, the fabric is quite lovely. Looks like a successful morphing!

  2. Your fabric is wonderful, and what a successful frankenpattern.
    Always pleased, to find more Welly bloggers too ;-)

    1. Thanks, I got this fabric from the Arthur Toye sale last summer and it's just been waiting in my stash ever since!

  3. That fabric is lovely! I've never morphed a pattern before, but I've read that Claire Schaeffer's Secrets of High Fashion Sewing has great instructions.

    You've done an amazing job!

    1. Thanks Jane. I have Claire Schaeffer's Fabric Sewing Guide Book but tend to use it more like a reference book than one that I've read cover to cover. Might look at the one you've recommended as well.

  4. I have never morphed a pattern before....yours is lovely!



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