Monday, 11 February 2013

Preparation for the year ahead

In January I wrote a blog post on reallocation of resources - well I revisited our event resource room on Friday to gather yet more calico (muslin) in preparation for my year ahead, knowing that before too long things will get busy with work and kids.
Saturday afternoon I got the iron out and neatly ironed each piece in half and folded them up all nicely ready for the projects ahead.  I swear this lot will probably last me a year or two or more!

Sunday I headed off to the Global Fabrics 50% sale (last day - talk about cutting it fine), with a few patterns in hand.  Here's a peek at the fabrics added to my pile.

A couple of cuts of NZ Merino for making some basic Renfrew tops for winter.

The top fabric is a lovely embroidered cotton which I've paired with a cotton lycra solid.  These two beautiful fabrics are destined to make a dress (something along the lines of this one on my pinboard)

This photo doesn't do any justice to this piece of fabric which is a fine wool, destine for a jacket.  However, I have a few projects on the sewing list before I will get to these.

Do you plan ahead or just make a trip to the fabric store when you're ready for the next garment?  How do you decide what next or do you have a list of things a mile long like me?


  1. That dress is lovely! I can't wait to see your version in these fabrics.
    I have a list of all the items I need, but that is mostly because I am started with almost no clothes in my closet. I need basics! I have made two Renfrews, and plan to make at least 3 more (varying the options on them, though). Jeans are this month's project, though. I'm prewashing the fabric now.

  2. These are some lovely fabric picks. Yum, merino!
    I have a list of the patterns I would like to sew up in the next few months, and the fabric I plan to use, and then filled in the few gaps before the sales finished! My eleventh hour purchases were wool coating and some lovely bottom weights for trousers and a skirt.

  3. I tend to buy fabric, and then pair it with a pattern later. I am not very good with a sewing with a plan; hence I am usually a season behind :(



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